Friday, July 10, 2009

Can VDP save the small commercial printer?

While VDP is already as old as the hills, it still has not been utilized as well as it can be by marketing. It still holds tremendous potential. However - it is still much more costly to produce and less productive than the many forms of online marketing tactics. Don't get me wrong - VDP has it's place, and in some cases nothing will perform better.
But while many printers are calling themselves MSP's (marketing service providers), in most cases VDP and maybe PURL campaigns remain the extent of their marketing services.
I would never suggest or expect printers to fully engage in internet marketing, while it certainly is a possibility. The truth is, most owners are far too closed-minded and invested in heavy metal to admit that the industry is changing faster than they can lay people off. But soon all eyes will be opened, to the unfortunate surprise of people without jobs, customers without their printer, and owners without a company.
The name of this group says it all - INBOUND marketers. How many printers are creating inbound sales opportunities for their own sales team, beyond the "Contact Us" form on their website? Only the smart ones - because many traditional owners just won't buy into it. Total denial.
Long live VDP, but it's time for the printing industry to get smart.

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